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DMR Group
Digital Amateur Radio for South West England
Become a supporter today!

Benefits of MEMBERSHIP are:

Not only are you helping to keep digital repeaters online in your area, you are also helping fund NEW sites too.

Become Involved
Members are invited to influence the decision making process for both new installations and for repeater use changes.  We will actively encourage members to get involved where they can, as this is a community resource.

Online Access
We already have a facebook and twitter presence, and hope shortly to have a dedicated area online for members only which we hope to include an online forum for discussions and debate and voting options.


Subscribing members allow the SW DMR Group to be able to plan and build a sustainable network of digital repeaters. The more members / money that is generated, the more the can be achieved together.

Transparent Accounts
Accounts will be made available to all members annually so that they can see what has been spent and where.

We are now accepting applications to join as a member/supporter of the South West DMR Group

Payment Options
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You can cancel your subscription at any time by logging into your Paypal account.