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DMR Group
Digital Amateur Radio for South West England
DMR Brandmeister UK

Formerly known as DMR+ in the UK, the Brandmeister UK network is hosted by the  guys at GB7RR. Brandmeister repeaters are all linked to a UK national reflector (nr 4400) on timeslot 2, which is accessible to those using the DMR Hotspot device DV4MINI.

This network is predominately made up of Hytera repeaters, although with the addition of software running on a Raspberry Pi, are now welcoming Motorola repeaters.

Brandmeister UK allow repeater keepers to set-up D-Star to DMR bridges as well, something not currently permitted on the other main UK networks.

Modes & Networks
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DMR UK Core (Phoenix) DMR UK Core is the rebranding of what was known as CC-3 London & SE England network.  DMR UK CORE allows it’s users to connect into DMR-MARC-EUROPE and onwards into the worldwide DMR-MARC network.

As Phoenix UK is a hybrid network, Hytera repeaters are now able to connect to the DMR UK CORE via Phoenix UK and soon will allow DV4Mini users access to specific UK internal talk groups.   Phoenix does not offer cross-connections to non-DMR or analogue networks, and by design, there will be NO reflector capability.

In the south-west, we have our very own regional talkgroup (Slot 2, TG810) which operates on all the DMR UK CORE repeaters in the South West but users will also have access to Worldwide (TG1), European (TG2), UK Wide (TG235) and many of the other UK regional talkgroups.

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DMR South West Cluster

The South West Cluster is a group of Motorola repeaters across the South West of England (plus one in South Wales).  

These repeaters can operate in LOCAL only mode (Slot 1, TG9) or can be linked together for much connectivity (Slot 2, TG950).    They are very easy to operate from a user’s perspective.  

The downside, is that there is no external connectivity outside the Cluster (TG950), nor is any inward connectivity permitted from ANY of the other networks or modes.

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UK Fusion (C4FM) / Wires-X

This is a digital mode able which uses FDMA, is also capable of standard FM modulation and offers what is described as ‘cross communications’ between the two modes.  Whilst repeaters can operate in standalone mode, they can also be interconnected through WIRES-X.

WIRES-X automatically connects to nodes and rooms via the Internet. No more need to verify connection IDs or transmit cumbersome DTMF connection codes. Information about nodes and rooms is exchanged via C4FM Digital signaling.

WIRES-X also supports traditional analog FM users. Not only can analog FM stations have a QSO with each other, WIRES-X also permits C4FM Digital stations to communicate with analog FM stations.

Note:  FUSION is available ONLY on YAESU equipment.

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D-STAR which stands for ‘Digital Smart Technology for Amateur Radio’ is an open digital Amateur radio standard that offers users a number of ways to connect with other users globally via a worldwide network of digital amateur radio repeaters.

D-Star repeaters can repeat in the same way as an analogue repeater, or when connected to the internet, users can be relayed across the internet to anywhere in the D-Star network.  This is often through connection with D-STAR reflectors, which are basically a conference bridge for D-Star and allow multiple users, repeaters and DONGLE users from around the world to be connected together.

D-Star is not manufacturer specific, although ICOM was the first to support D-STAR.  The licensed equipment known to inter-operate with D-STAR* system in the UK is predominantly UHF.

There are a range of D-STAR compatible dongles available on the market allowing those not close to a repeater, easy access into the network.

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